Your Espresso Martini Just Got An Upgrade
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Your Espresso Martini Just Got An Upgrade

Actually, any coffee cocktail, if we’re being honest. ☕️🍸🥃

Introducing our Bartender’s Espresso Blend in partnership with Chris Leavitt aka @NotJustABartender. Chris was one of the first cocktail creators we sent our products to when we initially launched, so it was a natural fit to collaborate and come up with something special together. After a year of brainstorming and testing, we’re very proud to share this with y’all.

This blend is a medium roast made up of beans that originate from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia and Brazil. The profile is very balanced and acts as a solid base for any cocktail (or mocktail). Flavor notes include subtle sweetness, dark chocolate, cajeta, and a touch of tart berry.

Although this is a Bartender’s Espresso Blend, it can most definitely be enjoyed using a variety of coffee brewing methods. Here at Roasty Buds we’re all about experimentation and testing, so give it a shot and let us know how you enjoyed it best. Cheers!

Check out some of the coffee cocktails Chris has been crafting with this blend:

Espresso Martini Recipe

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